Our orthodontic solutions include fast, virtually invisible Invisalign braces for an amazing smile makeover, to longer term treatments to correct irregular bite disorders. Straightening teeth, particularly those in the smile zone, improves dental alignment, smiles and self-confidence. Orthodontic treatment can improve eating and speaking abilities.

Due to modern innovations and procedures, the days of bulky, fixed metal braces are a thing of the past and we use subtle and discreet options that are smaller, easier to wear and more effective.

Fixed braces

These are the most commonly used braces and are suitable for a wide range of conditions. They produce good results because they move teeth very precisely.

We offer a range of fixed orthodontics, which include:

  1. Traditional braces. These are composed of wire and brackets, but unlike those of the past, they are smaller and less noticeable.
  2. Ceramic (clear) braces. For a less conspicuous solution, ceramic braces are a popular choice, using a translucent ceramic material.

Removable braces

This subtle treatment uses a series of custom-made aligners to gradually move the teeth to a better position.

We offer two types of removable appliances:

Complex orthodontics

In severe cases, we may provide an orthodontic device or suggest oral surgery to correct a bite or jaw disorder. If you have concerns about your teeth, speak to us. We will listen and do our best to help you.

The orthodontic solution for you

It is impossible for us to determine the ideal orthodontic solution for you in terms of both effectiveness and cost without undertaking a detailed consultation first. All adult consultations are £79 (taken off the cost of treatment if you go ahead), whilst child consultations are FREE.

Call us today and book your consultation on 01273 453229.