Root Canal Therapy

Root canal treatment is a solution to remove the pain and discomfort of inflammation / infection from the inner tooth nerve known as the pulp, within the root canals. This is commonly a result of decay, repeated dental procedures and / or hairline cracks or chips on the tooth (which may not be readily detectable to the human eye) caused by grinding or dental trauma.

The tooth may have sensitivity to temperature changes and there may be tenderness and swelling of the overlying gum. Sometimes there is no pain from the tooth itself.

Benefits of Root Canal Treatment

Root canal treatment:

What is involved in Root Canal Treatment

Root canal treatment may be provided under local anaesthetic whilst conscious sedation may be provided on request to give greater relaxation during treatment. It is important to us that patients feel relaxed, comfortable and safe while undergoing treatment.

The tooth is first assessed using x-ray imagery and the extent of the problem is discussed with the patient. An opening is then prepared on the biting surface of the tooth to allow identification of its root canals. The root canals are then enlarged gradually to create space for disinfectant solution to be inserted into the root canals to wash out the inflamed / infected pulp tissue.

Once the root canals have been adequately disinfected they are filled with gutta percha (a rubber like biocompatible root filling), that prevents re-infection of the disinfected root canal. The opening is then sealed with dental cement.
The x-ray images below show the root filled after treatment is completed.
Root Canal Therapy

Several weeks later, patients usually have the tooth restored and protected with their choice of permanent dental crown made of ceramic porcelain, zirconium or gold.

It is necessary to review the treatment approximately 1 year later to confirm that the treatment has been successful. This quick and simple check can be done at a routine check up appointment.

The dentists at Church House Dental Practice are experienced in providing simple to complex root canal procedures. Should you require more information about tooth infections or root canal treatment, contact us on 01273 453229 or book online for an appointment.

I felt quite apprehensive and nervous about having the treatment but when I arrived everyone was really friendly. During the treatment I didn’t feel anything; I even fell asleep! Once the treatment was finished the pain in my tooth had gone completely. I cannot recommend Church House Dental Practice more highly for their professional and caring manner. RS

Thank you so much for all your help with my recent root canal filling. I realise that I may be a tricky customer! You were in fact very gentle and kind…You are all fantastic at what you do and I thank you once again for helping me. Kate

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