Crowns & Bridges

Church House Dental Practice specialise in the highest quality dental restorations for restoring damaged teeth with crowns and replacing missing ones with crowns or bridges. We offer individuals choices in dental restoration treatments to best suit your needs. If you wish to have more information about our dental restoration and teeth replacement solutions, call us today on 01273 453229 or book online for an appointment.

Restoring damaged teeth

There are many possibilities that may result in tooth damage. Typically, teeth may become worn and chip or crack. Tooth structure may wear due to decay or may break from oral injury. Whatever the cause of one or more damaged teeth, we provide you with choices in dental restoration treatments such as white fillings, inlays, onlays or crowns.

The type of restoration depends on the level of tooth damage. Different materials may be used for creating a dental crown such as porcelain ceramics, zirconium or gold. We go through all the options with you for restoring your teeth to normal health.

Dental Crowns

Before the treatment I was reluctant to open my mouth to smile, afterwards it is very apparent that I have a happy smile. It has increased my confidence so much that I have managed to get the job I have been searching for. Dental Crowns DP

Replacing missing teeth

There may be more than one cause for tooth loss that includes tooth decay and infection, gum disease or periodontitis, dental avulsion and impacted teeth. Damage to one or more teeth may be so severe that dental extraction is necessary. The dental bridge is one of three solutions we offer for replacing missing teeth with a bridge-supported dental crown. Alternative tooth replacement choices include dental implants and dentures.

The type of dental bridge treatment will depend on the location of the tooth gap, and whether one or two existing teeth or crowns on either side support the bridged replacement.

Dental Crowns

The result is astonishing. After losing three of my teeth over a period of years I now have a full set which feel and more importantly look as though they are my own. Dental Crowns SD

We can design and place your custom made restoration in just a couple of appointments. Preparing the tooth for a crown or bridge involves reducing the size of the tooth/teeth to make room for the crown or bridge to fit the space. Impressions are taken for the dental technician to fabricate the crown or bridge. The restoration is then cemented into place with dental cement. Anaesthetic may be used to stop any discomfort during the treatment.

We can provide you with more information about bridges when you get in touch with us.

I would like to express my very good thanks for the excellent work you have done with my teeth. The large bridge and crown looks so good and I can honestly say I really do not know that they are there. It is a lovely atmosphere visiting your practice. The staff make you feel at ease and the practice itself is beautiful decor and calming. Many thanks again for all your good work. Dental Crowns Jill