Single Tooth

Single Tooth
Losing a tooth can have a devastating impact on your confidence, especially if it makes you feel self-conscious about your appearance or ability to eat. Whether it was lost through injury or advanced tooth decay, a single tooth can be successfully replaced by a dental implant with clinically proven treatment.

A dental implant is a small titanium screw that is surgically placed into the gap created by missing tooth. Once in position, the implant begins to integrate with the surrounding bone and tissues, firmly anchoring itself in position. When the implant is healed and secure, the second stage of the treatment can begin. The second stage entails the fixing of a crown or bridge firmly onto the implant. This restored tooth will look natural and blend in with the rest of your teeth, as it is designed to match their colour, size and shape exactly.

The restoration will not only restore your appearance, but it will also function like a normal tooth, allowing you to eat, bite and chew with comfort. The added benefit of replacing a single tooth with an implant is that the jawbone will remain intact over time. This will prevent loss of bone density, which can create problems in the future.

To anyone who is unfortunate enough to need an implant, I say this, it is a completely painless process and although the cost is high, the end result is worth it. I didn’t realise how wonderful I would feel today. When I looked in the mirror at the end result it looked amazing. I felt so overwhelmed and cried happy, happy tears…Thank you all so much for giving me my smile back.

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