It is important to us at Church House Dental Practice that our patients feel safe, calm and confident in our care. Dental phobias or fears can keep people from receiving the dental treatment they need, so we would like you to know that we will do all we can to ensure your visits here are considerate and taken at a pace you are happy with.

Anxieties can range from fear of procedures, dental environments, dentists or instruments like needles and drills. As a team, we recognise that patients may also have had a traumatic dental experience in the past that has made them fearful of appointments, so we always bear this in mind.

Pain-free injections

Patients can worry about local anaesthetic injections. So, we have invested in a computer-controlled anaesthetic delivery system that works more effectively than traditional syringes, resulting in a more pleasant experience, no pain and no fat lip! Read more


If a friendly ear and unhurried chairside manner just isn’t enough to calm your fears, don’t worry, we can provide conscious sedation for greater relaxation. Our aim is for you to have dental treatment in the most comfortable way.

With conscious sedation a sedative medicine is injected into your hand or arm and will make you feel relaxed and drowsy. Many patients remember little about the treatment they have received whilst sedated in this way.

Patients are awake and can talk to us at all times. If you have this treatment, you will be asked to bring someone with you who can take you home and stay with you for the rest of the day. This technique works well for all types of anxiety and is usually used for patients over 16.