It is important to us at Church House Dental Practice that patients feel safe, calm and confident in our care. Dental phobias or fears sometimes keep individuals from receiving the dental treatment they need. Anxieties can range from fear of dental procedures, dental environments, dentists, or dental instruments like needles and drills.

As a team, we recognise that anyone may have these concerns or may have had a traumatic dental experience in the past. To help, we provide conscious sedation for greater relaxation and safe dental treatment. Receiving treatment which helps combat dental phobia allows individuals to have a more pleasant treatment experience.

Conscious IV Sedation

Conscious Sedation by means of an intravenous (IV) method enables patients receiving treatment to maintain consciousness and therefore involvement in their treatment, but without the anxiety and fear overwhelming them. This kind of sedation works by administering a sedative medicine into the vein that allows for consciousness whilst providing a calming sensation. You will feel drowsy but be able to communicate with the dental team; you may remember little of the treatment process. It is important that a friend or relative can take you home after treatment and be with you for some time afterwards.


You may like to read our information on the ‘Wand’, a new device that greatly improves the experience of receiving an injection.

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