Fillings are a means of strengthening a tooth back to normal health by sealing a cavity, crack or chip. At Church House Dental Practice we provide white composite and white porcelain ceramic fillings to restore teeth to their natural standard. We also replace old amalgam or metal fillings with the highest grade of white fillings for better health and aesthetics. Call us today on 01273 453229 or book online for an appointment for more information about our dental filling treatments.

Dental fillings prevent tooth infection

Cavities may be small or large holes in tooth structure that are caused by tooth decay, infectious bacteria, tooth wear and enamel erosion. Smaller cavities are easily filled with white fillings of composite or porcelain ceramics. Larger cavities may require a dental crown restoration to restore the tooth to a healthier strength.

When a tooth hole or cavity occurs, the inner tooth may become exposed to bacteria that colonise and cause infection. If this happens, the infected tooth may need to be drained of the infection or antibiotics may be provided. Root canal treatment may be required to rid the inner tooth of infection that may spread. Filling and sealing a tooth cavity with a dental filling prevents such bacteria from invading the inner tooth causing further tooth damage and potential tooth loss.

Ceramic fillings restore teeth naturally

Ceramic fillings of porcelain (onlays or inlays) give the closest shade and appearance to natural teeth. They are used in filling tooth cavities for better dental health and for giving teeth a natural white appearance so that the filling is not obvious. Porcelain ceramic fillings give a naturally beautiful smile.

If you wish to have amalgam fillings replaced with more natural-looking and safer filling solutions, do contact us. We can provide you with more information about cavities and types of tooth filling treatments to choose from.