Extractions / Wisdom teeth pain

Our dental team at Church House Dental Practice in Shoreham understands how people can be anxious about losing a tooth, which is why we strive at all times to restore and preserve existing teeth.

Teeth may become damaged due to wear, enamel erosion, decay, infection or disease. We offer treatments such as dental restorations, fillings and root canal treatment to try and restore damaged teeth.

Yet there are times when a broken or infected tooth is too damaged to restore and as a last resort needs to be extracted.

Extracted teeth may be replaced with dental implants, crowns, bridges or dentures. Once you get in touch with us, we will provide you with more information about dental extractions and tooth replacement solutions, so that you can make the best decision for your mouth and lifestyle.

Trust the Wand for pain-free injections

Patients can worry about local anaesthetic injections. So, we have invested in The Wand, a new computer-controlled anaesthetic delivery system that works more effectively than traditional syringes, resulting in a more pleasant experience, no pain and no fat lip. You might not even know you’ve had an injection!

If you have questions about dental extractions, damaged teeth or the treatments available to replace extracted teeth please call us on 01273 453229 or book online for an appointment.

Wisdom Teeth

Sometimes wisdom teeth can develop in a way that impacts your neighbouring teeth or grow into your palate or cheek. If this occurs it is best to have these teeth removed to help avoid any further trauma to your other teeth. By assessing the condition of your wisdom teeth, our experienced Shoreham dentists will provide suitable treatment options tailored to your needs.